Why Choose a Bridge?

If you are missing quite a few teeth in a row, then you may have thought about using dental implants in Kent to support some sort of replacement for these teeth. One of the best solutions can be to have a dental bridge that will be securely held in position with implants. This solution will require fewer implants than having single crowns, and can give great results. It can also be better than having a row of single implants as there is often too little room for full-sized implants.

Dental bridges that are supported by implants are secure and strong, and will be constructed to withstand substantial biting forces so you will be able to eat normally, and can enjoy all of your favourite foods. You need to make an appointment to see Dr Rik Trivedi so he can ensure you have good oral and general health, something that is vital for implant success.

Planning for your Implant Supported Bridge

The planning for an implant bridge is slightly more involved as it’s even more essential to make sure the implants are accurately placed and angled. This is important for the path of insertion of the bridge, or in other words it needs to be able to fit easily into your mouth, and there mustn’t be any gaps in between the bridge and your adjacent teeth as these will create areas in between your teeth that could trap food.

The actual procedure for dental implants is almost always exactly the same, but if you require quite a few implants then you may want to inquire about extra sedation as the procedure could take quite a bit longer to complete. Additional sedation may help keep you more comfortable during a longer appointment.

Your implant bridge will either be cemented or screwed permanently into position. If it’s screwed then there will be strategically placed holes in the dental bridge that correspond exactly to the dental implants. Once the bridge is screwed into position the holes are covered up with a composite resin filling material and you won’t be able to see they are there. The major advantage of screw retained bridges is that they are very easy to retrieve in the rare event that any implant parts needs replacing.

If you think a dental and implant retained bridge sounds interesting, then why not make an appointment with our dentist in Kent, Dr Trivedi to find out more? You can contact us through e-mail at info@parrockdental.co.uk or you can phone us on 01474 537191.