If you have stained crooked teeth then the solution may be easier and quicker than you’d imagined. Modern braces in Gravesend can gently move your teeth into the correct positions in a relatively short space of time. You certainly don’t need to have a mouth full of metal for months on end as many people are suitable for fast and easy solutions such Social 6. If you have more complex orthodontic problems then you may need to wear more traditional braces, but even these can be supplied with clear brackets so they are nearly invisible.

Getting Advice on the Right Orthodontic System

You’ll need to consult our highly skilled dentists to find out exactly which system is right for you, and this can also depend on the type of results you wish to achieve. If you are looking for benefits that are purely cosmetic, then you will almost certainly want to opt for a system such as Social 6. This concentrates on moving your front six teeth as these are most easily visible when you speak or smile.

If you would like to improve your bite and occlusion (the way your teeth meet together) then you will probably need to spend a little longer on your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic systems that correct more extensive problems will give you results that are both functional and beautiful. Anyone with quite crooked teeth will almost certainly notice an improvement in their oral health on completion of their treatment, as straighter teeth are a lot easier to keep clean. Once you have straighter teeth then you’ll want to show them off, and what better way to do this than by whitening them?

Custom-made Whitening Trays Safely Bleach your Teeth

Using custom-made whitening trays from Parrock Dental and Implant Centre can safely lift stains from your teeth, restoring them to a beautiful pearly white shade. These trays are very easy to use and are comfortable to wear as they’ll fit your mouth exactly. You have complete control over the whitening process, and you’ll see the results within a very short space of time. The results of teeth whitening should last for between two and four years, depending on your lifestyle habits. The huge advantage of having custom-made bleaching trays is that you can use the trays to touch up the results every few months or so. Your smile can look perfectly straight and white with the minimum of time and effort.

You need a healthy mouth for these treatments, so if you haven’t been to the dentist for a while why not book a check-up? Get dentist in Kent at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre also offer free consultations on teeth whitening in Kent. Just give us a call on 01474 537191, or you can request a call back on our website at www.parrockdental.co.uk.