Do you struggle with ill-fitting dentures? Do you find yourself turning down invitations to socialise with friends and family because you’re worried about your teeth becoming loose? If so it may be worth asking about implant supported dentures. There are techniques that allow you to have your dental implants and your new set of teeth all on the same day. You might hear this treatment referred to as Same Day Smiles, Same Day Teeth, although the correct term is the All-on-4 technique. This refers to the number of implants needed to stabilise a full lower denture.

Affordable, Tried and Tested Technology

This technique offers several major advantages. The first is that it is highly affordable as it uses fewer implants than those required by traditional implant supported dentures systems. It is ideal for people who only have a minimum amount of bone mass, and if you’ve ever been told by other dentists that you are not suitable for dental implants in Gravesend, then it’s worth inquiring about this system. It was originally developed in the 1990s by one of the top implant companies in the world, and is tried and tested.

The reason it’s so effective lies in the way the implants are positioned, as they are angled to make maximum use of the available bone and are designed to evenly spread the load of the denture. The implants are placed towards the front of the mouth as this is the area where the jawbone tends to be the densest. The two implants at the front of the mouth are angled as normal whereas the implants either side are angled back.

The Procedure for All-on-4 Implants

Our implant specialist will be able to tell you whether or not you’re suitable candidate for this technique. Dental implant surgery does require extensive treatment planning, including a CT scan and dental x-rays as this enables accurate placement of the implants. This is vital to achieve natural and stable results. Placing the implants doesn’t really take very long and our dental team will make sure you’re kept comfortable during the entire process. Once the implants have been placed then they can be loaded immediately with your new, temporary restoration. This may be a full dental bridge, or an acrylic over denture. Your new implants will still need time to integrate with the bone and this can take several months. After the implants are fully integrated then you can return to our dental surgery to have your permanent prosthesis fitted.

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