I have just completed a week long intensive master class level in advanced training in Botox and dermal fillers, as an addition to improving my patient’s smiles by refining Facial form, providing a more youthful appearance and enhancing beauty.

What can we now do simply and safely without the need for drastic plastic surgery;

1. Smooth lines and wrinkles in the face- forehead, frown lines, eyes (crows feet) smokers lines around a corners of mouth.

2. Improve facial form and skin texture around eyes and cheeks which results in lower face sagging with age.

3. Improve shape, form and fullness of the lips.

4. Raise the tips of noses and correct humps and bumps.

5. Reduce the appearance of excess gums when smiling- gummy smiles.

6. Facial slimming by reducing the size of lower face muscles due to excessive clenching and grinding which can result in a much more balanced face form.

7. Treatment of pain associated with jaw aches, grinding and clenching giving rise to tension and sore muscles and problems opening the mouth.

8. Reduction of sagging jawline- Jowl area and lines around nose and mouth- jowl and Naso labial lines.

All of this treatment is very quick and easy, avoids surgery and is very safe and predictable. Botox lasts on average 3-4 months and dermal fillers last on average 8-10 months. There has been concern about results with dermal fillers in the past due to celebrity cases who have had irreversible treatment similar to this. I can assure you these fillers were permanent and totally different. The filler we use is a naturally occurring product which your body already synthesises and is reversible lasting on average 8-10 months. For patients who have been over treated somewhere else we have a product that can remove this in a few weeks before we place sufficient product to get a desired result.

For more information about treatment with Botox or dermal fillers or to book a consultation please call 01474537191 or email info@parrockdental.co.uk and we will arrange this swiftly!


Kind regards, Rik