Being nervous about visiting the dentist is far more common than you think. Quite a few people have a real phobia and will find it extremely difficult to even set foot in our dental surgery in Kent. Our dentists are here to help, as sedation dentistry can make treatment bearable, and could enable you to restore your smile, or even to have dental implants in Kent. We’ve treated many patients who haven’t felt able to visit the dentist for numerous years and have helped them regain their oral health.

If You Feel Nervous about Going to Dentist, Talk to Us so We Can Help You

If you do feel nervous about visiting the dentist, then the first step is to simply talk to our dental team about your concerns. You’ll find we are sympathetic towards your feelings, and we can offer practical help and advice on how to overcome your fears. There are lots of simple things we can do to help you feel more comfortable in our dental surgery. We’ll make sure you always remain in control during treatment and you should always be aware that you can stop your appointment at any stage.

Sedation Dentistry

We can make patients who are particularly fearful feel more comfortable through offering various levels of sedation, including intravenous or IV sedation. This is the highest level of sedation we can offer and is given by injection. You’ll feel drowsy during treatment, but you’ll still be able to communicate with the dental team. Afterwards you’ll need someone to take you home as you won’t be able to drive or operate any machinery until the sedative has left your system.

If you think you can cope with a lower level of sedation then we also offer inhalation sedation, something that you’ll probably be familiar with as laughing gas. This uses a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide to help you relax. You’ll be conscious throughout treatment with Dr Rik Trivedi, but you should feel very comfortable. Inhalation sedation is very safe, and you’ll even be able to drive yourself home a quarter of an hour or so after treatment.

Sedation dentistry offers a very safe way of being able to receive essential dental treatment, and is especially good if you need extensive amounts of work. Our dentist in Kent will be able to complete much more work during just one treatment so you’ll regain your oral health that much more quickly.

If you haven’t visited a dentist for a while then why not pick up the phone to talk to our dental team. You can call us on 01474 537191 or if you prefer you can e-mail us on with any questions you may have.