Stem cell research into ways of growing human teeth is nothing new as it’s been on-going for quite some years now. However a recent Chinese study has developed new way of doing so, but it doesn’t sound very appealing. The researchers used stem cells found in urine to grow teeth in mice. These scientists worked with stem cells that have been passed from the body and implanted them into the kidneys of mice. The results were pretty amazing, as after just three weeks these stem cells grew into new structures that were recognisably tooth like.

The structures contained the pulp which is the central part of the tooth containing all the nerves and the blood supply, the dentine which covers the pulp, and the enamel space and enamel organ. These tooth like structures were compared with structures grown using human embryonic stem cells. The whole reason why these Chinese researchers chose to use stem cells isolated from urine was due to the fact that it’s quite difficult to obtain dental stem cells, and they were looking for a substitute.

Some scientists have questioned whether this study could be a feasible method to produce teeth that would be suitable for adults, and it has been pointed out but there might be a risk of contamination from bacteria. Back in the UK a recent study was published in the Journal of Dental Research, showing that cells obtained from human gums which were then combined with mouse embryonic cells could be used to grow human teeth.

In the Meantime Dental Implants Are Probably Your Best Option

Unfortunately it looks as if we are still quite some way of being able to re-grow our own teeth, and in the meantime the best possible substitute is to have dental implant in Kent. However it’s always best to try and make your natural teeth last as long as possible, and this is something that Dr Rik Trivedi and the dental team at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre can help you do.

Most teeth are lost due to gum disease, a bacterial infection that can be avoided through following a preventative dental care regime. If you haven’t visited a dentist for a while and are concerned about the state of your teeth and gums, then it’s worth making an appointment with one of our dentists in Kent as we can work out a treatment plan to help return your teeth and gums to health. Once you have healthy teeth and gums then it’s quite easy to maintain them through having regular dental check-ups combined with the scale and polish, and by following a good dental care routine at home.

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