If you have invested a considerable amount of time in undergoing orthodontic treatment, then you’ll want your smile to look as perfect as possible. Orthodontic treatment is great, but some people may find they benefit from having an extra procedure, especially if they have a gummy smile.

A smile is described as being ‘gummy’ when too much gum tissues is shown when talking or smiling, and it is something that can be helped by having orthodontics in Kent, although it may also require additional treatment. The degree to which a smile is regarded as being ‘gummy’ is classified according to how much gum is shown when smiling.

It is something that can be dues to several different reasons, as it could be that the front teeth are too far forward, or sometimes they are simply too short. It may be due to the upper jaw being enlarged, or the upper lip can appear to be too short due to being pulled too far back by the facial muscles. Sometimes the levels of the gums can look uneven, with one or more teeth covered up with excessive tissue. Some people only require treatment on one tooth, while others may benefit from having larger groups of teeth treated.

Reshaping Your Gums Can Correct a Gummy Smile

The process for reshaping your gums is straightforward, as the excess tissue is cut away, exposing the correct amount of tooth. This is something that is called a gingivectomy, and although that may sound dramatic it is something that is carried out quite routinely. If you require quite a bit of gum tissue to be removed then it may be necessary to reshape the tooth. Afterwards the exposed tooth might need protecting with a veneer or crown, and this can also help to give it a more pleasing shape. The whole process is carried out under a local anaesthetic, and healthy gums will soon heal, leaving you with a natural looking, beautiful smile.

The results of rectifying a gummy smile can be amazing, so if it is something that is bothering you it is well worth asking Dr Rik Trivedi, or another of our dentist in Kent for some advice. They will be able to advise you as to whether orthodontic treatment will help, and can tell you the kind of results you can expect. They are always more than willing to answer any questions you might have, so do ask! You can email your questions to info@parrockdental.co.uk or you can phone to book an appointment on 01474 537191.