Would you love a straighter smile but can’t bear the thought of wearing a brace for a year or two? If so then you are in luck, as modern orthodontic systems can give great results within a reasonable time frame, and most are just about invisible, something that is great if you don’t want everyone to know you are having this treatment. In fact the chances are that you already know one or more people who are currently having, or who have recently had orthodontics in Gravesend.

One of the most popular systems in Invisalign, as it is tried and tested, provides predictable results and is easy to use. You even get a sneak preview of how your newly straightened smile will look with their ClinCheck© treatment plan that plots the movements your teeth will make throughout the treatment. You’ll be provided with several sets of clear aligners that you simply need to wear for 22 hours each day, and these are changed for a new set every two weeks, applying gentle but firm pressure to move your teeth into the positions shown in your treatment plan.

Not Just for Adults

This system is very popular with adults, but may also be suitable for teenagers. Invisalign do make a system that is specially developed for teenagers and which is subtly different from the adult system in that the aligners include blue indicators that show how long the aligners have been worn for, as busy teenagers can sometimes lose track of time. Invisalign Teen is also adapted to take into account the special requirements of a teenager’s mouth, and the fact that certain teeth may still be erupting. The company has also realised that teenagers are more likely to mislay their aligners, and provide six free individual replacement aligners to help cover this eventuality.

Invisalign is a very versatile system as it is able to correct bite abnormalities, whereas some of the other invisible braces provide results that are more cosmetic. The advantage of these systems is that they can be even quicker, taking as little as four to six months to create a more pleasing smile.

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