Suffering from Gum Disease? Could Mean You’ll Need Dental Implant in Kent, but It Could Also Increase Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr Rik Trivedi and the dental team at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre is finding that more people are becoming aware of the connection between gum disease and other serious diseases, not to mention the fact that it could increase the risk of needing dental implant in Kent.

A new study has just revealed that suffering from gum disease could increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers in the study, which took place at the University of Central Lancashire, looked at brain samples from deceased patients who had been diagnosed with dementia, and they discovered that there were high levels of bacterium normally associated with gum disease.

How Can Gum Disease Increase the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s disease?

Normal healthy gums form a tight seal around the gum margin which is the junction between the gum and your tooth. This prevents any bacteria from leaving your mouth and entering into your bloodstream. If your gums become infected, then they’re more likely to bleed, allowing bacteria from your mouth to get into your bloodstream. The body’s response to bacterial infection is to produce antibodies, something that creates inflammation. This increase in inflammation is something that has already been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, strokes and heart disease, and now experts think that bacteria entering the brain could trigger the immune system to begin attacking brain cells. This could lead to patients developing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, including confusion and memory loss.

This isn’t the first time the gum disease has been linked with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A recent American study found that poor oral hygiene could increase the risk of dementia. Apparently the hypothesis behind the study at University of Central Lancashire is that bacteria entering the brain will be able to conduct a chronic attack, meaning it will be sustained. This new study has proven that bacteria can travel to the brain, but researchers have still got to show that these bacteria are able to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Take the Risk When Great Oral Health Can Protect You?

It seems pointless to take the risk, as having regular check-ups at our Parrock Street surgery, combined with good oral care at home, will help keep your gums in tip top condition. Just as importantly it will make sure you have a smile you can be proud of.

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