If you are hoping to straighten up your teeth in the future, then it’s well worth booking a consultation with Dr Rik Trivedi at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre. Unlike many dentists, this practice offers patients a huge choice of different braces in Kent, ensuring you get the orthodontic system that’s right for you rather than one having to make do with the only system offered by the practice.

Many people will opt for removable braces, and clear braces are especially popular. However they may not always get the best results and fixed orthodontic braces are still widely used. The reason for this is that they allow the teeth to be accurately positioned, getting predictable results.

The brace brackets are securely fixed onto the teeth and will be left in position for the duration of the treatment. Modern brace brackets are designed to be far more discreet, and one such system is called the Damon system. These braces don’t need to use any elastics or metal ties as they are self-ligating, so your teeth will move without the need to tighten anything. This means they use a kind of slide mechanism to move the teeth more comfortably and don’t rely on friction and pressure as is the case with traditional braces that use elastics. They use memory wires that are able to move teeth more quickly, and these require fewer adjustments so you will only need to visit our Kent surgery occasionally. If you feel self-conscious about having brackets attached to your teeth, then Damon braces also make a system that uses clear brackets.

One of the things that make Damon braces so good is that treatment time is typically six months shorter than it would be if you chose conventional braces, and most people will experience very little discomfort throughout treatment. Conventional braces often require the removal of healthy teeth, but the Damon system uses forces that work in harmony with the body so there is less need to have teeth removed. However some people will still need teeth extracted to give the correct balance and symmetry to their new smile.

If you’d like to find out more about Damon braces or any of the other orthodontic systems offered by Parrock Street then why not take a look at our website? The address is www.parrockdental.co.uk  and you’ll find lots of useful information about all the braces systems offered. When you’re ready to book your appointment, you can contact us on 01474 537191.