Martin was a keen sports man and enjoyed numerous outdoor activities. However after a nasty injury boxing many years ago, Martin had been wearing a removable denture. He felt that this was not only uncomfortable but was causing damage to surrounding teeth and gums.

After having an appointment with Dr Trivedi to discuss his options for implants and having a careful examination including a ct scan, the treatment plan was agreed to replace the 2 missing upper central incisor teeth with 2 dental implants.  Martin saw Dr Rik Trivedi at Parrock Dental after being impressed with the practice website ( ) which he found on google.
(searching for dental implants kent, dental implants Gravesend). He had also been recommended to go to Parrock Dental by friends who live locally in Gravesend.

On the day of surgery Martin was given DVD glasses and a movie to watch and made to feel at ease. The area was comfortably numbed and the implants were placed with minimal discomfort, followed by a fixed temporary bridge to give Martin the feeling of having his teeth back. Martin was surprised to see that the temporary bridge was very aesthetically pleasing and couldn’t wait for the final result!!

Once the implants had firmed up in the jaw, which is a process called osseo-integration, this means the implants will become strong, like your own natural roots, the final natural looking teeth are fitted by Dr Trivedi and no one will no the difference between these and your natural teeth.

If you opt for dental implants, you will look and feel like you have natural beautiful fixed teeth just like Martin.

At first Martin was a very nervous Patient, but says that after his treatment with Rik was very comfortable he feels much more at ease with visits to the dentist. He also has regained his confidence after visiting Parrock Dental & Implant centre and is so pleased with the results of his treatment, and can now smile with confidence. 

He would definitely recommend implant treatment at Parrock Street dental to anyone who is missing teeth or anyone who is a nervous patient.

See his testimonial on and contact Parrock Street dental on 01474537191 if you are interested in finding out more on how we can help you too!