If you’ve ever thought about straightening your teeth, your reason behind this view is that you want to feel great about your smile when you look in the mirror and you don’t want to have to worry that people are staring at your teeth. While dental braces are one option to consider, you might be concerned that people are judging you by your visible metal braces.

Invisalign frees you from metal wires and brackets associated with dental braces, allowing you to straighten your teeth without compromising your lifestyle. By using a series of clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth, low forces are exerted which gently move the teeth and over a few weeks and months your straight smile will start to emerge.

Along with being an invisible way of straightening your teeth, Invisalign clear braces is convenient because it’s removable, allowing you to take your aligners out of your mouth to eat, drink and to clean your teeth. This means you can maintain a good oral hygiene routine and get a straight smile in the process.

For effective results it’s recommended that you wear the Invisalign aligners for around 22 hours a day, 16 hours as a minimum. This is important as you will get really good results from continuous wear, but if you leave the aligners off your teeth won’t move as efficiently. If you do take them off it’s recommended that you store your aligners in their case as this will prevent you from losing them.

At the Parrock Dental and Implant Centre, our Principal Dentist Dr Rik Trivedi can assess your suitability for Invisalign and determine whether it’s the right choice for you. As well as being an approved Invisalign provider, Dr Trivedi can plan your treatment in advance so as to ensure that you get the best results and are happy with the outcome.

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