Would you love straighter teeth? Are you put off having orthodontics in Kent because you think treatment will be lengthy, complicated and highly visible? Then we have news for you. Modern orthodontic systems are quite different from traditional braces, and the very latest technology means you could have a straighter smile much more quickly than you might have imagined. Parrock Dental and Implant Centre can offer patients quite a few different orthodontic braces, ranging from the traditional to the invisible. One such invisible system is called Six Month Smiles.

What Could Six Month Smiles Do for You?

Six Month Smiles is what is called a cosmetic braces system. This means it is able to provide good cosmetic results within a very short space of time. The average length of treatment using Six Month Smiles is just six months, although it can vary from four months to nine months. The braces are virtually invisible as they use clear brackets combined with tooth coloured wires. The final outcome is predictable, and appointments to fit and check the braces are quick and comfortable. Six Month Smiles uses low forces to move your teeth into the correct position so treatment can be far more comfortable than traditional braces. The clear brackets are easy to keep clean, and help ensure that oral hygiene can be maintained right throughout the course of your treatment. The short duration of Six the Months Smiles treatment can mean the cost of this braces system is typically less than comparable methods of straightening your teeth.

Is This Orthodontic System for You?

The only way to find out is to book an appointment with Dr Rik Trivedi. He will be able to assess your smile, including your orthodontic problems, and will talk to you to find out exactly what you’d like to achieve through wearing a brace. If you decide to choose this braces system then you’ll find it’s very easy and straightforward to have them made and fitted. This is because Six Month Smiles uses a special patient tray kit system to ensure the braces are precisely placed.

People often think of orthodontic treatment as a cosmetic dental treatment. In fact this isn’t true, as straighter teeth are much easier to clean. This is something you could find out for yourself if you choose to have orthodontic treatment with one of our Kent dentists.

It’s easy to find out more, as you’ll find lots of information about orthodontic treatment on our website at www.parrockdental.co.uk or you can simply give us a call on 01474 537191 to book your consultation.