Modern advancements in braces technology are changing how dentists help to treat teeth problems. These materials, many of which are used in computing technology and in outer space, can help to improve smiles without the use of a lot of metal. This not only improves the patient’s appearance, it also helps improve their self-esteem and the function of the braces.

In the past, orthodontists and dentists had to use metal braces to realign teeth. This included the use of stainless steel bands that were wrapped around each individual tooth and metal wires that connected these bands. The idea was to tighten the metal wires in such a way that it would cause the teeth to realign themselves into a better fit. Unfortunately these metal braces were uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing for many patients. However, new options for braces make this process less noticeable and considerably less painful. Many of these modern techniques also produce faster results.

There are new innovations that have made the traditional form of metal braces far more comfortable and effective for patients. These new innovations in braces use less bands, in some cases only putting bands on a few teeth, and most of the brackets are connected to the teeth with adhesive rather than with bands. This makes them less painful and invasive. Also, the new wires that are used are called memory wire. This type of wire was originally created by NASA and it is much more flexible than traditional brace’s wire. Once the wire is formed into a specific shape, such as the shape of a properly fitted mouth, it will help push the teeth into this shape much faster than traditional brace’s wire is able to.

Other innovative forms of braces are invisible braces. These are braces that are applied to the inside of the teeth so they are not visible at all. Invisible and removable aligners can also be used to repair minor misalignments in teeth. Again these products work much faster than the traditional metal braces and they produce better results.

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Today, fixing misaligned teeth and creating a perfect smile is easier and less invasive than ever before.