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A missing front tooth can cause problems both physically and psychologically, but at Parrock Dental we use the finest quality dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore your dentition to its former glory. We’d like to thank the Parrock Street patients who have agreed to share their implant journeys below, and we hope that their stories will inspire you to take back your smile.

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Missing front tooth

Problem: missing front tooth due to trauma, unhappy wearing a denture due to being loose, sore and food getting trapped under it

Treatment: Implant and adhesive bridge during healing phase to restore appearance allowed by final crown after implant healed in 3 months time

Treatment time: 4 months

Faling and loose front teeth – Beverley

Beverley visited Parrock Dental looking to improve the appearance and chewing of her failing and very loose top front crowns. She was very unhappy with the look of her smile as her gums were receding and the crowns were becoming noticeable so She would not smile and spoke to people covering her mouth.  She opted to have dental implants retained bridge on her upper front 4 teeth and was overjoyed with the results. She would definitely recommend having dental implant treatment to others.
“I had a very good feeling here, the girls are like family, always warm and caring. Rik is so lovely and he has changed my life!! I trust him with my treatment, and if you have any fear it is left at the door… Parrock Dental are the best!”

Failed front teeth – Tom

Tom came to Parrock dental with a view to improve the look of his discoloured teeth.He had damaged both the front teeth when he was 18 playing Rugby and then recently had done the same thing again, causing discolouration of one tooth, and the crown on the other to keep falling out. He was recommended to come and visit Parrock Dental by his wife to see if he could get a fixed solution to this problem, and did not want to be left with a gap in the meantime. He opted to have same day dental implants as a fixed solution to his failing teeth and he was really happy with the results.
“ I was recommended to come here by my wife, I was really happy with the service, it is a very pleasant place to be. Rik was very friendly, he talked me through all the steps and what would happen in regards to my treatment. I felt very confident. Everyone I know has seen my new smile and said it’s made an amazing difference to my confidence. I used to smile with closed lips and now I smile a full smile! I am very pleased with the overall service I received with the service I received at Parrock dental! ”

Top front teeth failing crowns

Problem: Top front teeth failing crowns with very poor appearance and very loose lower front teeth affecting confidence and chewing

Treatment: teeth whitening and gum treatment to maintain new 2 cosmetic ceramic crowns upper front teeth and 2 same day implants lower implants

Treatment time: 4 months

Missing front tooth – Jonathan

Jonathan broke his front tooth at gum level during a football match leaving the root under the gum level. In just one appointment the tooth was carefully removed, and a same day implant and tooth were placed painlessly! There was no pain and discomfort after treatment. Jon is very happy with his treatment result and the service at Parrock Dental & Implant centres.
…the treatment was brilliant and the staff were really helpful. I could not recommend Parrock Dental and Rik Trivedi any more highly!

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