The short answer to this is yes, and for several reasons. Having dental implants in Gravesend will provide you with a long-lasting solution to replacing missing teeth provided of course that you look after them properly. In fact their longevity makes dental implants a very cost effective, long term choice, and they will literally last a lifetime in some people.

Dental Implants are Simply Healthier

Dental implants are the healthiest way to replace missing teeth, as the titanium post continues to provide stimulation to the jawbone, keeping it strong and preventing it from being reabsorbed by the body. They only have a positive impact on the surrounding teeth, as they ensure all the teeth remain in the correct position and that they cannot move around. Both these things are very important to consider.

Dental Bridges Require Healthy Teeth to be Ground Down

Although dental bridges can provide a very nice solution to missing teeth, they are not ideal. One of the major problems with having a bridge is that some tooth structure will need to be removed from one or both of the teeth adjacent to the gap. This is necessary as these teeth will have to be crowned, and the crowns are used to support the pontic which is the replacement or false tooth that is firmly attached to the crowns. Once this tooth structure is removed it can never be replaced, and even if you decide to have an implant at a later you will always need to have these teeth crowned. The best and most conservative solution is always to try to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible.

Dental Implants Give Natural Results

A bridge can look extremely nice, especially if you choose an all-ceramic bridge as these have a very natural looking translucency that closely mimics your natural teeth. However dental implants are just that little bit better, as an implant crown has an emergent profile that looks exactly like a natural tooth, in that they emerge from the gum in the same way as your own teeth. The initial outlay for a dental implant is probably very similar compared to a top quality dental bridge, but the results are that much better.

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