Some dental surgeries simply offer general dental services. These include routine check-ups and hygiene appointments, and standard dental treatments such as extractions, fillings, and root canal surgery. They may well offer cosmetic dental treatments, but these are not likely to be carried out routinely. This means if you require anything a little different from the norm, or if you want a comprehensive smile makeover you’ll have to go elsewhere, and will have to become familiar with a different dentist and surgery.

In contrast Parrock Street is able to offer its patients an extremely comprehensive range of treatments, ranging from general dental services to far more complex treatments such as dental implants and Botox in Kent, and of course complete smile makeovers. These makeovers frequently involve the use of restorative dental treatments such as crowns, but choosing the right materials can make a real difference to results. Zirconia crowns are about the best you can get.

What Makes Zirconia So Special?

If you are hoping to have a smile makeover in the near future you may have already heard about zirconia crowns that are marketed under a number of different manufacturer’s names such as Lava and Procera. These types of crowns have a reputation for being the best, but why is this? The reason lies in the fact that they don’t contain any metal. Traditionally crowns have had a metal substructure for strength that needed to be covered up with quite thick opaque porcelain. This opaque porcelain can sometimes show through. Another problem with traditional crowns is that it can appear as if there is a dark line at the gum line. This is where the porcelain is a little too thin to completely cover up the metal.

Zirconia crowns do not contain any metal, and have a substructure that is either white or tooth coloured. This lack of metal allows light falling on the crown to be transmitted through the crown in a way that is very similar to natural teeth. This helps to give the crown a translucency that closely replicates a natural tooth, making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in achieving the very best results.

The zirconia is milled from a single block of material using CAD/CAM technology, so you benefit from a restoration that fits securely and tightly, sealing out bacteria and preventing further decay and infection in the remaining tooth structure.

If you do have older style crowns in your mouth and are interested in replacing them with something more modern then why not make an appointment to see Dr Rik Trivedi, or any of our dentists here at Parrock Street? You can phone us on 01474 537191, or you can request a call back simply by visiting our website at