Diabetes is a real problem, as an estimated three million people in the UK have been diagnosed with this condition. Diabetes is a systemic disease, meaning it affects the whole body, and the mouth is no exception.

A recent US study found that diabetics were twice as likely to lose all their teeth compared with non-diabetics, and that this was mainly down to gum disease and tooth decay. Those diabetics who had lost some of their teeth lost an average of ten, compared to those without diabetes who lost an average of seven. These statistics are worrying, but visiting Parrock Street at regular intervals for check-ups and hygiene appointments can help to redress the odds a little.

The connection between gum disease and diabetes has been extensively researched, but even so the exact reason for the connection is somewhat hazy. It is thought that one condition could somehow exacerbate the other, as improperly controlled diabetes is likely to lead to increased glucose levels in the saliva, and this in turn can allow disease-causing bacteria in the mouth to thrive. Gum disease is a condition that causes the gums to recede and to bleed, allowing bacteria from the mouth to enter the bloodstream. From here it is thought they are able to create new sites of infection and inflammation, something that can make glycaemic control more difficult.

Are Dental Implants an Option for Diabetics?

If you are unfortunate enough to lose one or more teeth, then opting for dental implant in Kent could well be the best, and most permanent form of tooth replacement, but this treatment isn’t always an option for diabetics. However every case is different and it is well worth making an appointment for a consultation with Dr Rik Trivedi to find out more. Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have implants, but it is vital that it is properly controlled, and that your glycaemic levels have been stable for a sustained period of time. Even then the risk of failure may be slightly higher than in a non-diabetic. It is something that will need to be assessed according to your medical history, and you may want to weigh up all the options.

If you or someone else in your family is diabetic then ask dentist in Kent at Parrock Dental and Implant Centre for advice and help in maintaining oral health. You can book a check-up by ringing us on 01474 537191, or you can email us with any questions you might have on info@parrockdental.co.uk