This is something we are often asked by our patients, and it’s understandable really as anything involving radiation can sound a little worrying. The good news is that modern dental x-rays and CT scans are extremely safe. The amount of radiation emitted during a dental x-ray is probably comparable to, or is a lot less than a flight abroad. Most of us are exposed to some level of background radiation in everyday life, and over the course of the year these levels will be far higher than could ever be achieved through having dental x-rays. Dental x-rays emit such low levels of radiation, that even people who have had treatment for cancers of the head and neck can safely have them.

Dr Rik Trivedi and the other dentists here at our Parrock Street surgery are likely to recommend dental x-rays and a CT scan if you intend to have dental implants in Kent. They will never recommend any more x-rays that are necessary. If you attend our surgery for regular check-ups and have a reasonably good dental health, then you may only need to have dental x-rays every two years or perhaps even less frequently.

Why are Dental X-Rays so Useful?

Dental x-rays are incredibly useful for helping dentists to identify problems that are normally hidden. Dental x-rays can show the entire tooth, right down to the root canals. This allows your dentist to identify any problems such as any signs of infection or abscesses, and they can monitor the overall health of your teeth. Dental x-rays are often used to identify potential problems with wisdom teeth so that if necessary they can be extracted before they can damage other teeth or cause pain.

Dental x-rays are also very useful in helping to identify signs of tooth decay. The areas in between each tooth, where the tooth comes into contact with the next one are especially prone to was developing decay, and an x-ray can allow your dentist to monitor any early signs of lesions.

All our dentists in Kent take great care to make sure our patients only receive a tiny amount of radiation during each x-ray. Modern digital scanning equipment emits far less radiation than older style dental x-rays so the risk is absolutely miniscule.

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, or wish to become a new patient at Parrock Street, then it’s highly likely you will require a set of dental x-rays. This is essential for our dentists can assess your oral health. If you’d like to book a check-up or a consultation for dental implants, then give us a call on 01474 537191, or you can fill in our enquiry form online at