Are you currently having problems with one or more of your teeth, or perhaps you have to wear a single tooth denture or have a crown or bridge that is failing? If so you might be interested in learning about dental implant in Kent. Perhaps you have been put off having this treatment before due to the length of time involved. However it is possible to have a dental implant inserted and a provisional replacement crown created all in the same visit, so there’s no need to worry about having to struggle with a temporary bridge or denture while your new implant settles down.

Dental Implants Offer a Permanent Solution to Missing or Failing Teeth

Dental implants are fast becoming the gold standard for replacing teeth due to the numerous benefits this treatment offers. In spite of this some people may still be unaware of exactly what the process involves, and are likely to be pleasantly surprised to find out how quick and easy and implant can be. The technique for placing a Same Day Tooth is simple and straightforward. You can have the tooth that’s causing all the problems extracted, and your implant will be placed at the same time. We’ll construct a temporary crown for you right here in our Parrock Dental surgery that you’ll be able to wear until the laboratory made crown is fabricated. This is something that usually happens three months later, as this is the time it takes for your new implant to fully integrate with the bone in your jaw.

This treatment is pretty advanced, and you won’t find it offered at most implant centres. Parrock Street is able to provide this type of implant due to the fact that Dr Rik Trivedi is a highly trained implantologist. It is a great treatment as it’s minimally invasive, doesn’t require any stitches, and patients experience very little discomfort following the procedure. Patients can have the implant placed and are able to carry on with their normal day-to-day lives.

If you are currently struggling to maintain a tooth that frequently becomes infected and are fed up with the pain and discomfort, then why not book a consultation with our dental surgery to find out if this might be the right solution. You can rest assured that we will only offer you dental implants if we think it’s the correct treatment path for you. You can contact us through e-mail on Parrock Street also holds occasional Patient Dental Implant evenings which are the ideal chance to find out more about this treatment.