Do you know you need a tooth extraction? If so you’re probably weighing up the different options for its replacement. Tooth extraction is never fun, but choosing dental implants in Gravesend is the best method of replacement, for several reasons.

Dental Implants are the Cost Effective Option

We realise that a lot of people regard dental implants as being a costly option for tooth replacement, but this is quite a short sighted view. Provided you look after your dental implant, and take a few extra seconds to clean around it thoroughly, then it should last for many years or even your entire lifetime. A healthy implant is trouble free, and you won’t even know it’s there. Best of all it will look just like your natural tooth as the aesthetics given by this treatment are excellent.

Alternative Solutions

The alternatives are to have a bridge or a partial denture, but you are far more likely to be aware of both these options. All dentures need to be taken out and cleaned thoroughly each day, and require special denture cleaning brushes and solutions for their storage. You’ll also need to leave them out of your mouth each night to give your gum tissues a chance to recover, and dentures need replacing every three to six years as the shape of your gums will gradually change over this period, meaning your denture won’t fit as well.

A bridge will mean modifying the teeth adjacent to the gap as they will need to be crowned in order to support the pontic which is the replacement tooth. Although the bridge will be permanently cemented into position, you will always have to have these teeth crowned, even if you decide to have an implant at a later date.

It’s Healthier to Have Dental Implants Sooner rather than Later

While it might be tempting to put off having a dental implant for a while, it makes much more sense to have it done as soon as you can after the extraction. The main reason for this is due to the way tooth extraction affects the jawbone. Once a tooth has been extracted then the jawbone in that area will begin to reabsorb. If you decide to have a dental implant in Kent at a later date then you could find there is insufficient bone to support the implant, and you may require an additional process called a bone graft to help build up the bone in this area.

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