Dental implants have a reputation of being a more expensive, albeitmore desirable way of replacing missing teeth, but a recent study published in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants shows this view might not be strictly true. Dental implant in Kent can be a cost-effective way of replacing teeth, especially as they can improve the quality of life.

This report reviewed studies that had been published between 2000 and 2010 on the cost-effectiveness of various different ways of replacing teeth, and it came to some interesting conclusions. People who chose dental implants to replace a single missing tooth generally found they saved money or that they were just as cost-effective in the longer term, when compared with the more traditional choice of a dental bridge. People using implants to stabilise dentures generally had to spend more initially, but again in the longer term the treatment often proved to be cost-effective. More importantly patient satisfaction with their implants was high, particularly amongst patients who had previously worn loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Parrock Dental and Implant Centre place many dental implants each year.  Dr Rik Trivedi has advanced training in implantology, and is able to advise patients as to which system will best fit their needs. The advantages of dental implants are easy to see, as they can look extremely natural, and help to preserve bone in the jaw.

Stabilising Dentures

Patients using them to stabilise dentures can benefit in a number of different ways. Stable dentures make it much easier to eat properly, and better nutrition can reduce the frequency of gastrointestinal problems and can lead to improved overall health. Having stable dentures makes it far easier to get the most out of life, and to be able to socialise with confidence. Implants can be used to stabilise upper and lower dentures, although they are most frequently used to hold lower dentures in place. Anyone choosing to use them for upper dentures will find they are able to taste their food more easily, making mealtimes much more enjoyable.

Dental implants must be kept clean so they do not become infected, but this is easy to do, and our dentist in Kent will give you lots of advice on how to do this. The overall procedure can take longer to complete than alternative methods of replacing teeth, but the results are well worth it.

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