When it comes to cost for dental implant treatment the following should be bourn in mind:

Dentures are the cheapest short-term option but they require replacing every few years and soon become the most expensive long-term. They can also have a  detrimental effect on the gums supporting surrounding teeth which leads to further tooth loss. this makes dentures harmful to the overall health of the mouth long-term.

Bridges have a cost similar to dental implant treatment but usually require the cutting down of adjacent healthy teeth to hold and link to the missing tooth, this can mean healthy teeth risk having problems. Although bridges give a fixed solution they do need replacing over time. The frequency of replacement depends heavily on the maintenance of a patients oral hygiene and lifestyle factors such as smoking and sugar intake.

Implants are considered the more sound long-term investment. The initial cost can be spread over the length of the treatment. They are shown to be the most long-term successful option having a 97-99% success over a 15 year study. Hence long-term they are by far the cheapest!

Ultimately if i lost a tooth its the only thing i would ever consider! If you require any further information or wish to discuss this further please call or email the practice to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Dr Rik Trivedi