Are you aware that orthodontic treatment could help to improve your oral health? There is a common misconception that orthodontic treatment only provides cosmetic improvements when in fact the oral health benefits can be very worthwhile. Not only will you end up with a beautifully straight smile, but also one that is healthier, and that’s surely worth considering.

Straighter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

If your teeth are quite crooked or are overcrowded then you probably find it difficult to brush and floss properly. No matter how hard you try it can be very tricky to reach into all the nooks and crannies in your mouth, and near impossible to thread floss in between crowded teeth. The end result is an increased risk of tooth decay, as it’s essential to clean the contact areas between each tooth every day. These contact areas can easily trap food particles and plaque bacteria, increasing the risk of cavities.

In contrast, if your teeth are nicely spaced and are straight then you’ll find it much easier to brush thoroughly, and flossing will be a cinch. Your teeth will be healthier, and may even appear a little brighter as all the excess food and plaque will have been removed.

Enjoy Better Gum Health

Just as importantly having straighter teeth will improve the health of your gums. Gum disease can often begin developing in the contact areas in between your teeth, and one of the earliest signs that it might be developing is noticing your gums bleed when you try to floss. Healthy gums should be strong and should fit snugly around the teeth, and good gum health is relatively easy to achieve when your teeth are straighter.

Orthodontic Treatment Ensures Your Teeth Meet Together Properly

Wearing a brace means that your teeth will meet together properly at the end of treatment. This is extremely important for your oral health, as it will help reduce the wear and tear on your teeth. Teeth that are in malocclusion or which don’t meet together properly can wear unevenly, something that can lead to a significant amount of tooth structure being worn away. If this occurs then the teeth will need crowning to restore them to normal function. In addition malocclusion can sometimes place stress on the muscles and joints responsible for moving your jaw.

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