Tooth reshaping and dental contouring can help patients repair minor defects in their teeth. These are cosmetic procedures that create subtle changes in the teeth to improve their appearance. This can include fixing or repairing small imperfections such as tiny chips, pointy cuspid teeth, irregularly shaped teeth and teeth that slightly overlap one another.

Tooth reshaping and gum contouring are essentially the same thing. It is a cosmetic process that slightly alters or removes the outer protective covering of the teeth, known as the enamel, to alter the overall shape of the tooth. It can be used to reshape a tooth, make it longer or change its surface composition. This procedure is often used in conjunction with dental bonding, which uses a composite material that is very similar in the look and feel of teeth to reshape them.

The dentist will first take x-rays of the patient’s mouth before they begin the process of tooth reshaping, in order to make sure that the patient’s teeth are healthy enough for the procedure. Then the dentist will use a pen to mark the areas of the tooth that need to be reshaped. A specific sanding tool will then be used to remove tiny imperfections and reshape the teeth. The dentist may also use a strip with a sandpaper-like material on it to contour the edges of the teeth.

Tooth reshaping procedures are relatively cost effective, and in some cases they can be used instead of orthodontic braces or other aligning devices. In other cases the two treatments can be combined to create a straighter and more aligned smile. This procedure is generally painless and it can improve the overall health of the teeth by removing tiny gaps for food to hide in. However, this procedure can only be used on patients with minor dental problems, not on those who have serious problems. Also, the procedure may cause the teeth to become more sensitive.

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