Replace Silver Fillings with White Fillings

Do you have silver fillings and are unhappy with their appearance? Do you worry that when you laugh or open your mouth people can see your metal filings? At Parrock street Dental we can help you.

It is becoming increasingly popular that people are opting to choose white fillings over amalgam ones as they are more aesthetically pleasing. We are also getting more patients choosing to change their existing amalgam fillings to white ones, for this reason. This can drastically change the appearance of your smile and improve confidence.

We frequently hear stories from our patients:

” …I don’t like having photos taken. I hate smiling and showing my teeth, so I don’t show my teeth if I have to have them taken like on holiday or at weddings. My friends say I look sad or grumpy which makes me upset.”

“My children make me very conscious about my smile. They keep asking why I have gaps in my mouth and why is one of my teeth black. It makes me very paranoid and I feel self-conscious all the time.”

“I recently didn’t apply for a job I really wanted as I knew it involved dealing directly with the public and doing presentations. At the moment I work in an office where I don’t have to show my teeth and talk to people. I have no confidence so I could never do that job”

At Parrock Dental and Implant Centre we spend the majority of our time improving our patient’s smiles and improving their confidence.

When people ask Dr. Rik Trivedi what he does for a living he often replies ” Some people call me a dentist. What I actually do is improve peoples’ confidence by improving their smiles.”

Below is some information about the different types of fillings: 

White Fillings (composite fillings)

Fillings are used to repair a hole in a tooth caused by decay. White fillings are very popular because of the tooth-coloured appearance that can be matched to the shade of your existing teeth.

White fillings preserve more of your natural tooth as they stick to your teeth. The dentist uses a bright blue light (known as the curing light), which hardens the soft material.

The benefits of white fillings are that they look natural, and are not noticeable in your mouth like amalgam fillings. Composite material is not prone to expansion and contraction as with amalgam and so the tooth is less likely to crack. There is no mercury in this filling material.


NHS Silver fillings (amalgam)

Fillings are used to repair a hole in a tooth caused by decay. The most common type of filling is an amalgam, made from a mixture of metals including mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc. Benefits of this type of filling are that it is low cost as well as having strength and durability. It halts further decay thus allowing you to keep your tooth.

If you are interested in any of the treatments mentioned then do not hesitate to contact on of our reception team on 01474 537 191