Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular, and smile makeovers often incorporate some kind of orthodontic treatment to help straighten crooked teeth. The reason for this is that it can minimise the amount of cosmetic dentistry required while improving oral health. However finding a good dental surgery can often seem like a bit of a gamble, so how do you find the surgery that will give you the kind of smile you’d really love to have?

Recommendations from friends and family are often a good place to start, as are testimonials from satisfied patients. Parrock Dental and Implant Centre has its own smile gallery that you can view online, and which shows examples of the type of results that are possible. It is always well worth looking very carefully at photos of satisfied customers, and reading their testimonials wherever possible. The reason for this is that you will gain a very good idea as to the kind of experience and treatment you can expect while having your treatments.

Minor Smile Adjustments or Major Smile Makeovers

It might be that you only require very minor adjustments to your smile, for example teeth whitening or dental bonding. It’s amazing to see what can be achieved by having a mini smile makeover. If you require a more comprehensive smile makeover then Dr Rik Trivedi will be able to help you. His knowledge of cosmetic dentistry is exemplary and he is extremely good at designing a smile that is custom-made to complement your features, skin tone and even your hair colour.

Nervous Patients Need Not Worry

Dr Trivedi and the dental team at Parrock Street are highly experienced at putting nervous patients at ease. We realise that many patients who are seeking cosmetic dental treatment haven’t felt able to visit the dentist regularly and appreciate that it takes a great deal of courage to take this first step towards improving a smile and of course dental health. Your new teeth will be designed to be not only beautiful but also fully functional so you can smile and eat with confidence. Parrock Street offers an extremely comprehensive range of dental services, from simple cleanings to more complex orthodontics in Kent, so all the treatments you might need are conveniently located under the same roof.

If you’d like to know more about cosmetic dentistry in Gravesend and would love to learn what it can do for your smile then why not book your free consultation? You can call us on 01474 537191, or why not browse our smile gallery on our website at