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Broadly spaced or ‘gappy’ teeth can affect your confidence and cause problems with your dental health routine. Take a look at our ‘spaced teeth’ before and after gallery or call us to find out more about our affordable orthodontic solutions for broadly spaced teeth.

Spaced teeth – Danny

Braces review by patient at Parrock Dental Gravesend Kent

Name: Danny

Age: 26

Occupation: Developer

Problem: Spaces

Treatment:  Invisalign

Treatment period: 9 months

Danny came to Parrock Dental looking to improve the appearance of his smile. He was initially interested in having veneers to close the spaces between his teeth. Rik recommended that braces would be a better option and would be suitable to close the gaps. The patient opted to go for Invisalign to move his his teeth and was over the moon with the results at the end of his treatment time.

I am so pleased with the results of my treatment. I was really surprised at how quick and simple everything was, and now I can smile with confidence.

Spaces between the teeth affecting confidence – Anupama

Braces review by patient at Parrock Dental Gravesend Kent

Name: Anupama

Age: 33

Occupation: Dental Nurse

Problem: Spaces between the teeth affecting confidence

Treatment:  Invisalign clear braces

Treatment period: 10 months

    Anupama came to see Rik looking to improve the appearance of her smile. There were a lot of spaces between the teeth and this was causing her to feel self conscious. She opted to have Invisalign treatment to close the spaces and improve the overall appearance of the smile and regain here confidence.

    “ I wanted to close the spaces between my teeth as I felt really self conscious. I am so happy with the results and can now smile with confidence. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others, it will make a massive difference! ”

    Gap between front teeth effecting confidence – Nyle

    Braces review by patient at Parrock Dental Gravesend Kent

    Name: Nyle

    Age: 24

    Occupation: Student

    Problem: Spaces

    Treatment: Clear fixed braces

    Treatment period: 9 Months

    Nyle came to see Parrock Dental looking to improve the appearance of his smile with Clear Fixed Braces. He wanted to close the gaps on his upper jaw, in particular the gap between his 2 front teeth. Once he had his clear fixed braces removed he also had whitening and opted for a fixed retainer so that his teeth would not move from their new position. He is very happy with the results!

    “ I came to Parrock looking to close the gap between my front teeth as it was effecting my confidence. I am so pleased with my new smile”

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    Braces smile gallery before and after

    We provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth. From fixed to removable, clear to invisible and traditional to super fast, we have a brace that will suit your own needs. Some of our orthodontic patients share their story in the smile gallery below.

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