There are several ways you can whiten your teeth but only one way has been proven to work  and give patients the results they want and this is the method we recommend- take home night whitening!

1 Hour whitening with or without lasers and lights have a limited result straight after due to drying of teeth after which the teeth return to their original colour. The process is lengthy and can be very painful and sensitive. The cost can be three times that of our whitening kit and most patients are not satisfied. They normally come and see us to use our take home kit and get a beautiful result.

Take Home Whitening the Parrock Street Way

Whilst most dental practices may offer take-home whitening our kit has specially designed whitening trays and specially formulated gel. The whitening trays are designed to be comfortable, and are custom made to give a uniform white colour to all your teeth. The trays have many features which aid in ensuring you the very best result. With our kit you can dictate how white your teeth can go to customise your result to your needs from natural healthy white to beautiful stunning white.

Contact us if you are interested in a whiter, healthier more beautiful smile.