Here at Parrock Dental we cater to every kind of patient. Most people do not really like visiting the dentist, but some people are really nervous and dread coming to the dentist. This can be very detrimental to the condition of their mouth as it can mean that nervous patients will not attend regular dental appointments to maintain the health of their teeth and gums. Regular visits to the dentist are very important in keeping your mouth healthy and preventing the need for treatments at a later date.

 Fear of the dentist is called Dental Phobia, also known as odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, dental anxiety or dental fear.
People usually develop fear from direct personal experiences. Someone may have had a bad, or painful experience when they were younger and this will stay with them for a long period of time, and can put them off visiting the dentist. Prolonged anxiety can develop into a deep fear and dread.
People may also develop a fear of the dentist through hearing about other people’s negative experiences, vicariously, or through the portrayal of dentistry in the media, in horror films, and cartoons etc. These films and cartoons are usually massively exaggerated and can give people totally the wrong impression about dentistry and treatments.
Another contributing factor towards nervousness can be that the patient can feel helpless in the chair if they are having treatment and this can fuel their anxiety. However with a caring dentist who explains the procedure, ensures that the patient understands what is going on, and knows that they can take breaks and will stop if the patient is in pain, this then returns the control to the patient and lessens their anxiety.
Here at Parrock Dental we are a dedicated practice for nervous patients. All of our team are experienced in dealing with nervous patients and helping to make them feel at ease and comfortable in the practice at all times. We have 2 consultation rooms available so that patients can discuss treatment options in a non-clinical surrounding, and we will endeavour to make sure that all of our patients have a positive experience with us and look forward to their visits here.
Here at Parrock Street dental we can offer DVD’s for long treatments to take the patient’s mind off the treatment if they feel nervous, and can play their chosen type of music whilst they are in the surgery to make them feel relaxed.
Parrock Dental can also provide conscious sedation if a patient feels this is needed, for lengthy treatments and offer full support and after care. We aim to give the best experience possible to ensure that our patients leave our practice happy.
If you have any questions about any of the issues mentioned, or wish to book and appointment then do not hesitate to contact our fantastic reception team on 01474 537 191 and we will be happy to speak to you.