crowded upper teeth affecting confidence needed correcting before wedding day

Suk came to Parrock Dental looking to improve the appearance of her smile for her wedding day. Her main concern was her upper jaw as her canine teeth were protruding more than the other teeth. She opted to have clear fixed braces on her upper teeth to improve the appearance. She was overjoyed to have beautiful straight white teeth for her big day and was able to smile with confidence for her beautiful photos!

Clear fixed braces on her upper teeth done well in time for Sukh’s big day!
4 months
“ I came to see Rik as I have always been really self conscious about my smile. A big factor for me was that at the start of my treatment I had 6 months until my wedding! I had clear fixed braces which took only 4 months well in time for her wedding. I would definitely recommend Rik to others, I am so glad I’ve got the smile I wanted! ”