Jane looking to correct her upper front teeth which were very crowded stopping her from smiling especially in photos

Jane was unhappy with one of her top in standing front tooth and another twisted tooth which made her not feel confident smiling and in photos. She was very apprehensive about having a clear fixed brace due to the possible visibility but soon She became very impressed with how discreet it was and how quick and easy the teeth moved and the treatment was. Her friends didn’t even know she had a brace on and now she can’t stop smiling!

Top Clear fixed brace

6 months

“ I saw Rik’s website and decided to come and see him at Parrock Dental. I had a clear fixed brace, I was worried about what it might look like but it so invisible my friends didn’t know i had a brace on! It only took about 6 months and I am very happy with the results. Now I feel like I can actually smile! ”