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Kids Days!!

Parrock Dental’s ‘Kids Days’ are very popular with our patients and makes visiting the dentist a fun experience for our younger patients. We have had great feedback from families who have been seen on our kids days and they have found that these help children to understand the importance of maintaining their oral health in a fun way.

Do you struggle to get your child to the dentist? Are they nervous about coming to the dentist for the first time? Bring them to Parrock Dental for our themed kids day where they can come in their favourite fancy dress costume, enjoy taking part in our colouring competition and see their dentist dressed as one of their favourite characters.

Did you know all treatment under the NHS is free for children under the age of 18!


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Healthy food swaps for kids!!

Limit your children’s sugar intake with these ideas:

Fruit windersReal fruit

CerealOats, berries and yogurt

Sugary drinksWater with real fruit pieces or milk

BiscuitsNuts and seeds

Kids Drawing

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