All on 4 Dental Implants Patient Cases - Missing Full Jaw

If you are missing, or need to remove all teeth in one or both jaws, implants may allow you to have a fixed full-arch bridge fabricated as well. Take a look at the smiles below and call us to see how we can help you

Missing and broken teeth,over 20 years as a dental phobic – Liam

Liam came to Parrock Dental after having been a dental phobic living with dental pain for over 20 years. His dental fear had prevented him from seeing a dentist leaving all his teeth broken with extensive decay causing extreme difficulty chewing, constant pain and very low self confidence and self esteem. After having same day painless fixed teeth with dental implants in just one appointment Liam was pain free,able to chew and regained his smile and confidence.
I had a mouthful of broken teeth. I was very nervous about seeing the dentists and having treatment. I knew I needed all my teeth removed at a young age. After one visit with Rik I felt comfortable and relaxed. I knew I didn’t need to be sedated as I was in safe hands. I had the teeth taken out, the implants placed and given fixed bridgework in approximately a couple of hours. I didn’t feel a thing from the beginning to the end and even after. I took only one pain killer as a precaution but didn’t need any more. The treatment has changed my life. I can smile I can eat and I feel so confident it has simply changed my life and I can’t thank my dentist for referring me, Rik and Parrock Dental enough.

broken teeth causing poor chewing and loss of confidence – Robert

Name: Robert

Age: 71

Occupation: retired

Problem: Missing and broken teeth causing poor chewing and loss of confidence

Treatment: same day fixed teeth and new smile with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry treatment

Treatment period: 9 months

Robert came to Parrock Dental enquiring about Dental Implants. He was unhappy with the appearance and functionality of his teeth and smile. This was affecting his confidence, and he did not want to smile. He had full arch dental implant on his upper jaw and dental implants and cosmetic dentistry on his lower jaw to improve the overall appearance of his smile. Not only has the treatment restored his ability to eat with confidence, but he now has a smile to be proud of and is absolutely thrilled with his result.
“ I came to Parrock Dental as I had noticed that gradually over time my teeth had deteriorated, but I stopped looking at them. I did everything to put it off, but I decided that this could not go on! I was delighted when I saw Rik, and was impressed by the professionalism and the friendliness of the Parrock Dental team. I am very happy with the treatment I have received at Parrock Dental and I would suggest to others, do not delay your dental treatment as it will not get better by itself! ”

Loose, ill fitting denture causing pain – Anne – Treatment period: 3 months

Ann saw Dr Trivedi for Upper all on4 same day teeth. Anne had a loose upper full denture, which was causing soreness to the gum and issues with eating. She was recommended to have a dental implant supported bridge at Parrock Dental by her neighbour who had the same treatment and Ann was extremely happy with the results.
I had implants and it’s brilliant. It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment. If you need this treatment just have it done!

Loose, worn and missing teeth – Frances

Name: Frances

Age: 64

Occupation: Retired

Problem: Loose , worn and missing teeth

Treatment: Same day fixed teeth and smile with dental implants

Treatment period: 4 months

Frances came to see Dr Trivedi looking to improve the health and function of her teeth after admitting she had neglected them due to other circumstances. She was suffering with loose teeth, missing teeth and worn teeth due to grinding. She was a very nervous patient and opted to have her same day fixed teeth and smile with dental implants under sedation She is really overjoyed with her results aThis has restored not only the function of her teeth, but most importantly her confidence and ability to smile.
“ I found Rik on Facebook as I was having so much trouble with my teeth. I had an irrational fear of dentists. Rik reassured me and when I had my treatment it was a straightforward procedure and I haven’t looked back! My teeth are lovely!! I don’t have any pain now, I don’t have false teeth and I haven’t got a fear of the dentist anymore. Don’t be nervous, it is all very straight forward, I am very happy!! ”

Henry All On 4 Dental Implants

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Problem: loose and painful teeth, some missing, which was affecting confidence and ability to smile fully.
Treatment: Dental implants upper all on 4.
Sam opted for dental implants for a permanent fixed option to replace the loose and missing teeth, all on 4 treatment on the upper jaw. This has restored the patients smile and confidence, he is really over the moon with the results.
Treatment time: 8 months

Penny Fox All on 4 and lower post implants

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Problem: loose unsightly and failing upper teeth affecting smile in photos and occasions and confidence socialising with friends and family

Treatment: same day all on four fixed dental implant bridge treatment improving smile and function in a day and after 4 months healing period the definitive bridge was fitted.

Treatment time: 6 months

“I am so impressed with the overall result and treatment i recieved at Parrock Dental and Rik. I am so much more confident and feel like a whole new me, I would recommend having this treatment at parrock dental to anyone wishing to change their life and boost their smile and eating and confidence”

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