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If a missing back tooth is making life difficult for you then you may want to consider dental implants. A good quality implant can replace a missing back tooth permanently, enabling you to eat and speak without problems and helping you maintain better oral health long term. We’d like to thank the Parrock Street patients who have agreed to share their implant journeys below, and we hope that their stories will inspire you to take back your smile.

Missing back tooth causing reduced chewing & poor smile

Engela came to Parrock Dental looking to replace a missing back tooth. She was having issues with getting food trapped in the gap and wanted to restore function when eating. The space was also visible when she smiled due to a wide smile. She opted to have a dental implant as it was a fixed permanent solution and was over the moon with the results.
“ I had implants and it’s brilliant. It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment. If you need this treatment just have it done! ”

Missing back teeth affecting chewing – Vlasta

Vlasta came to Parrock Dental looking to have dental implants to improve her chewing. Her missing back teeth were affecting eating her favourite foods and also putting more pressure on her other teeth causing them to start chipping.  She opted for fixed and simple teeth with 2 dental implants to restore function and also her confidence and prevent further problems.
“ I had implants and it’s brilliant. It’s given me more confidence and I had no pain or discomfort with the treatment. If you need this treatment just have it done! ”

Kathleen Testimonial

Kathleen had a serious car accident a few years ago losing teeth and requiring jaw surgery. This resulted in visible gaps when she smiled at the front of her mouth. Kathleen then didn’t like smiling and lost a lot of confidence, talking and socialising to people.

Daniel missing back tooth implant

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Problem: broken crown leaving a root upper right back tooth in smile area causing a gap and affecting his smile and confidence especially as he works with the public

Treatment: same day tooth: after The root was removed carefully and an implant and same day tooth were placed restoring Daniels smile and confidence in one appointment and he says he didn’t even feel a thing!

4 months later the final crown matched his other teeth and even Daniel can’t tell the difference!

Missing back teeth effecting confidence & difficulty chewing

Alan came to Parrock Dental looking to replace two back teeth which were missing.  This not only was effecting his confidence but also his ability to chew comfortably. He opted to have 2 dental implants and was very impressed with the results.
“ I came to see Rik as I was looking to replace the missing teeth i had. It was effecting my confidence as I am a public speaker and need to feel confident in my job. I have dental implants and it was a very comfortable process and I am really happy with the results! ”

Missing 3 back teeth – Russell – Treatment period: 4 months

Russell came to Parrock Dental with difficulty chewing due to several gaps where his molars teeth were missing.  He opted to have 3 dental implants to dramatically improve his chewing and was really pleased with the results.
I came to Parrock Dental for dental Implant treatment, the whole time I felt at ease. It ‘s all very high tech, and the service I have had has been exceptional. I can now eat, no more pain, no problems!

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