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Extensive or complete loss of teeth can make your life a misery and dentures are not always the best solution. At Parrock Street we offer full mouth dental implants with cost effective payment plans to help make replacing a full set of teeth affordable for you. We’d like to thank the Parrock Street patients who have agreed to share their implant journeys below, and we hope that their stories will inspire you to take back your smile.

Missing and broken teeth preventing Richard from going to work

Name: Richard

Age: 56

Occupation: Engineer

Problem: Missing and broken teeth preventing Richard from going to work

Treatment: Dental Implants for new smile and confidence to go back to work

Treatment period: 5 months

Richard had been seen at Parrock previously, but had not been a regular visitor due to fear. He came after some time presenting with extensively broken and decayed teeth and he was extremely unhappy with their appearance and  function.. This was stopping him from working as he dealt withpeople in his job.  After full mouth all on 4 dental implant treatment Richard was so pleased with the results that he felt confident to return to work. He found his treatment life changing!
“ I came to see Rik as I was really unhappy with my smile, I was missing teeth and also had broken teeth which was really affecting my chewing and confidence. I had dental implant treatment and would really recommend this treatment to others , it will change your life!! ”

Loose and missing teeth – David

Name: David

Age: 67

Occupation: retired

Problem: Loose and missing teeth

Treatment: Dental Implants

Treatment period: 5 Months

David came to Parrock Dental concerned that he was loosing more and more teeth, with his remaining teeth in a very poor condition affecting his confidence as well as his eating ability. After full mouth All on 4 same day fixed teeth and new smile treatment with dental Implants david was very impressed with his new smile and improved chewing and confidence in one day. After 3 month healing he requested his final teeth look the same as when he was younger and he feels we have turned back the clock!
An extremely professional service! All old teeth are gone and replaced by a full set of implants. My friends tell me not to smile, it’s too dazzling!

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