Anti-wrinkle testimonials

Smoother skin for a more youthful appearance

Our anti-winkle treatments have proven to be extremely effective at plumping skin, and minimising wrinkles and fine lines to produce a more youthful appearance. Some of our anti-winkle patients share their story below.

Anti-wrinkle – Case 1

Botox review by patient at Parrock Dental

Name: Susan

Treatment: Botox

Susan wanted to reduce the lines around her face particularly her eyes frown area and forehead which she thought aged her making her look older. After a 10 minute session of botox which took only a few days to start working Susan’s lines were smooth and she was much more happier and confident with her appearance. She said the botox treatment had made her look younger, healthier and better!

Anti-wrinkle – Case 2

Botox review by patient at Parrock Dental

Name: Jason

Problem: Lines on forehead and around eyes affecting confidence and wanting a younger look

Treatment: Botox

Treatment period: 1 hour 10 minute session

Jason came to Parrock Street looking to achieve a more youthful appearance as hew is an entertainer and singer. His job as a Robbie Williams tribute means that he is constantly in the public eye and needs to feel confident and look youthful. He opted to have Botox on the upper face( forehead, frown and eyes). He was really happy with the results. He comes regularly for top ups.

“ I am really pleased with the results of my treatment. It has really made a difference to me and has made me feel a lot more confident when i am singing. ”

Anti-wrinkle – Case 3

Botox review by patient at Parrock Dental

Name: Grant

Problem: Lines on forehead

Treatment: Botox

Treatment period: Every 3 – 4 months

Anti-wrinkle – Case 4

Anti Wrinkle – Case 5

Anti-wrinkle – Case 6

Anti-wrinkle – Case 7

Botox Kent
Botox forehead before after by Kent Dentists

Anti-wrinkle – Case 8

Botox Frown before after by Kent Dentist

Anti-wrinkle – Case 9

Botox Frown before after by Kent Dentists
Botox Forehead before after by Kent Dentists